Welcome to the Governors page at Urmston Junior School.


‘School governors are people from the school’s community who wish to make a positive contribution to children’s education. 


Governors are the largest volunteer force in the country and have an important part to play in raising school standards through their three key roles of setting strategic direction, ensuring accountability and monitoring and evaluating school performance.’ 



We are an active and committed Governing Body, with the sole aim of making Urmston Junior School as successful and inspiring as possible.  We work closely with the Leadership Team and staff, meet on a regular basis and ensure the smooth running of our school.

Our current Governing Body is structured as follows:

Governors 2015

Chair of Governors:

Mr D Brown

Vice Chair of Governors:

Mr M Walker

Co-opted Governors:

Dr D Seex

Mr D Brown

Mr M Dunham

Mr M Walker

Staff Governors:

Mrs S Jones (Headteacher)

Mrs O Walsh      (Teacher)

Local Authority Governor:

Mr G Leech

Parent Governors:

Mr A Bates

Mrs S Ridgeway

Mrs C Counsell

Associate Governor:

Mr S Parker (Deputy Headteacher)

Governors can be contacted via the school office or by email urmstonjuniorsgovernors@hotmail.com

So what do the Governors at UJS actually do?

 Governors are required to attend meetings throughout the school year to monitor, evaluate and encourage the work of the teaching staff and to ensure that each child is receiving the best possible opportunities for learning and social interaction.

Governors are often seen around the school during the day. They take an active part in school activities throughout the school year.

In addition they attend parent consultation evenings, curriculum evenings and new parent evenings wearing name badges so that hopefully they become known to the parents as well.  On a lighter note governors help with the school social events and fundraising activities.

Each governor will be linked to a specific area of the curriculum and will work with the lead teacher on curriculum development.

UJS governors are very enthusiastic about their roles but it is recognised that they have full or part-time careers and each individual participates according to their ability.